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This Shoe is for You: The Real Meaning of the Glass Slipper

One afternoon while at the dollar store, after trudging past the knockoff Oreos, bins of expired mascara and leftover Christmas decorations, I somehow found the party aisle. There's something about paper hats, kazoos, confetti and festive drink napkins that turns me into a giddy five-year-old and makes my troubles melt like icing on a hot cake.

Then I turned around, and there it was: the huge display of wedding stuff: everything from bobble-head brides and grooms to polyester rose bouquets and plastic toasting goblets--a smorgasbord of cheap inanimate objects. Yuck.

And that was when, still in the wedding section, I discovered a pack of plastic glass slippers. I doubt they were intended for people like me to place them around my apartment, wishing that someday, like Cinderella, the right guy would slip the right shoe on my foot.

Ever feel like that? Ever get trapped in the fantasy of a fairy tale, wishing and hoping and dreaming?
Well, I did. And I decided to buy two packs of the glass slipper party favors and give them to my single female friends.

Because to me, the glass slipper represents a few amazing things that I wish for you and all the women in the world.

Instead of sending you the glass slipper as a promise that you'll find the right guy right away (if you're looking), I send you this glass slipper because I want you to know that your foot is totally worth it.
You are beautiful, talented, independent, strong, smart and pretty damn amazing. You are so important in the world not because of what you look like or what you do, but simply because you are able to circulate blood through your veins. You are important because you exist. Period.

Life is full of broken relationships, broken homes, broken fingernails and, dare I say it, broken hearts. Yes, this is true. But I know in MY heart that if you really want a lasting, true relationship, you will absolutely find one.

First, remember one thing. This might sound weird, but the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. If you don't believe you're the best thing since red wine, nobody else will. Do you really expect someone else to show the world how great you are? You've got to do it yourself. But you've got to do it with class and taste.

Just hold tight to this little slipper and remember the following things:

1. The glass slipper is transparent; you can see right through it. May you be allowed to see through
people, especially men, who come into your lives. May you know for sure if a person is genuine and full of love. May you also be transparent: let people see who you are on the inside. Don't go walking around butt naked, and don't go around singing your phone number to the tune of "867-5309." My definition of being transparent is being the genuine person you are inside and not just the gorgeous diva you are on the outside. When you're transparent, there's no way you can ever be fake; when you're transparent, you are not embarrassed or afraid to let people see you for who you are.

2. The glass slipper is breakable; be careful and tread lightly on the path of life. Don't put too much weight (ahem...STRESS!) on your feet. Don't step hard on anything or anyone, because doing so will only cause YOU pain.

3. The glass slipper fits you and only you. Enjoy it! It was custom-made for you with the wand of your loving, compassionate Fairy Godmother. Another woman (or man...hey, anything's possible) can try to squeeze into or walk in your shoe. But her (his) feet won't stand a chance. Nobody's foot fits into YOUR shoe the way YOUR foot does. You've got to walk in it. Others don't. Interpret this the way you want, but think in terms of your life, your dreams and your hopes of finding true love in a cynical, chaotic world. There are a lot of negative, jealous brats in this world who will tell you your dreams are far-fetched and impossible. It's much easier when you wish these people well and weed them out of your life.

4. No matter what happens, you will always have the other slipper. These same negative, jealous brats who can't fit into the slipper will try to shatter it so you can't try it on, either. But just remember, you have the other slipper right in your pocket. The other slipper is your unique personality, your inner beauty and your love. THAT slipper is unbreakable. Let the slipper I'm sending you be a symbol of the other slipper--the one you'll never break.

So, despite the nasty people in the world, YOU be the graceful one. Defy them with your kindness, intelligence and humor. Never silence or censor your emotions. If you do, your insides will erupt.
Sing out loud, even to the occasional spider dangling from your ceiling if theres no one else around. Don't be afraid of tripping and falling down the stairs when you enter the ballroom. Be aware of how great your feet look in the shoes.

Don't obsess about what your heart desires. Just trust that in time, you will receive it.
Because, my dear girl, you work your own magic just by being yourself. Just by working the runway; by strutting your stuff.

© Words and image copyright 2010 Danielle Travali/Holly Pinafore. All Rights Reserved.
You may absolutely share this, but please give credit to Danielle Travali/"Holly Pinafore" and


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