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Wisdom, Please!

(Photo Courtesy of Rachel Snyder's Blog,

For every letter of the alphabet, there's a word to sate your hunger for hope. 

My junior year as an undergrad, I found Rachel Snyder's Words of Wisdom for Women at Barnes & Noble. Unlike the oodles of banal self-help books that elicit the eye-rolling reflex, this one genuinely stops you amid life's chaos. It forces you to smile. It helps you to breathe. 

A woman who reports selling shoelaces in her local shopping mall, Snyder ties humanity to divinity by lacing this lexicon-of-the-soul with thought-provoking phrases. Each page brims with honest, simple-yet-challenging metaphors and meditations to guide you through the day.

Words of Wisdom is an active approach to life's obstacle course, or labyrinth...or however you picture it. Snyder gives us no excuses. If we hit a wall, she tells us to turn around and find another way out. What have I learned? When in doubt, act out. I mean that, of course, in the most positive sense.

Here's a sample page:

Imagine all the possibilities of your life in one large, glorious pile. Now start sifting. Painstakingly examine each grain, each morsel. Do you want it? Need it? Does it serve you? Decide what stays, what goes, what gets folded in together. Sift slowly and mindfully. It may take months or years. Or your entire life. Once you've sifted things into neat piles, start the process all over again. Sift and resift, sift and resift. Wheat from chaff, sand from jewels, truth from illusion. Let the insignificant details fall through to the ground, leaving what's solid, what matters, behind.

Visit Snyder's Blog:

This is a great gift for a friend or for you. The book sells for about $7.95 at Barnes & Noble. You can find it for less on 

Enjoy & Be Well!



rachelsnyder said…

Thanks for one of the best-ever reviews of my book. Delicious!

BTW, when the Barnes & Noble version is not available (it randomly goes in and out of stock at, readers can check out 365 Words of Well-Being for Women, from McGraw-Hill.

Same words, same wisdom, different package.
Holly Pinafore said…
Hi Rachel!

My pleasure. Your book inspires me EVERY DAY :)

I will make sure everyone checks it out.

You rock.

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