Gameday Galavanting: Bar XII

Hey, I'm back!  After being sick with a horrible cold for the past two weeks, I had to get a little fresh air.  To kick off a ...

Hey, I'm back! 

After being sick with a horrible cold for the past two weeks, I had to get a little fresh air. 

To kick off a fabulous Sunday afternoon, my friend Eddie and I went searching for a good sports bar to watch the Giants game. After trekking through the tundra of New York City (me--the gloveless, scarfless genius, wearing ballet flats instead of warm boots like every other sensible Manhattanite), we finally took shelter at Bar XII on East 34th Street. 

Although the deeply tinted windows made us think the place had probably been euthanized due to the recession, we took a chance and went inside anyway...just to see if it was still alive. 

It sure was: under the Tabasco-colored ceiling tiles, 20 and 30-something-year-old football fans (mostly guys with a few girls like myself) gathered around huge flat screen TVs, jeering at the Eagles, cheering for the Giants and eating haute-looking hot wings cloaked in a deeply red-orange sauce--served, of course, by 18-year-old-girls in tight little referee costumes.

I knew I'd be getting my grub on all day, so I tried to be good by ordering a veggie burger on whole wheat bread. I prepared myself for the worst: a greasy Boca burger on a slab of commercial, knock-off "wheat" bread infused with the sneakily sweet high-fructose corn syrup that I never fail to detect on the first bite. Yet at Bar XII, my veggie burger was very warm (steaming, actually--almost burned my tongue) and served with lettuce, tomato and red onion between two slices of bakery-fresh grain bread with a honey-golden color. Alongside it was a heap of thin, crispy steak fries with a subtle, savory seasoning. Still can't pinpoint what it was. 

But man, in that veggie patty, which was about the same circumference as my face, I could taste the crunch of fresh peas and sweet carrot. I demolished the whole thing (and no, Philly fans, I will not compare it to the way the Eagles destroyed the Giants). Washed it down with a Coors Light on tap, too. While I love my cocktails, I couldn't resist a nice cold one!

Ah. Beer and football. Sometimes, it's just what a girl needs.

More to come. 

;) Holly

P.S. This place is worth trying. I'm pretty tired tonight, so I'll let you check out their menu. $8-10 for lunch items and $6 for dessert. Oh yeah, for all those interested, there's Beer pong and happy hour, too. Gotta smile at that one.


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