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(Photo courtesy of veggiepics/kale.jpg ) You've heard it on TV health specials. You've read it ...

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You've heard it on TV health specials. You've read it in the news. And I'm going to tell you again (Yup!). If you want to feel better than ever and keep your brain sharp, you've got to go least in your diet.

Going green doesn't mean ending your relationship with complex carbs and proteins; it means taking it to the next level (or, in the words of Emeril, "kickin' it up a notch") with a few cups of leafy greens each day. While spinach, as we discussed in the last post, is a fantastic source of iron (and Vitamin C), don't snub the others: kale, arugula, watercress, Swiss chard, and my all-time favorite, broccoli rabe. There are so many more, too. Just take a little trip to your local produce department--so many lovely leafies sit quietly under a water-misting nozzle only to get soggy and sad when people don't take them home.

Stop right here. You're probably thinking there's not much to do with them other than steam 'em or throw 'em in a salad. Right? WRONG! If I had a hand buzzer, I'd press it so hard your ear drums would be reverberating until next Wednesday.

Thanks to the several savvy sites out there, I don't have to even lecture on the various ways to enhance the beauty and flavor of all those naturally gorgeous greens (sorry if I sound like a makeup artist from one of those makeover shows on TLC).

Find out for yourself:

Experiment in the kitchen. You can put greens in virtually any lunch or dinner dish. If you come up with or already have some tasty, healthy recipes, let me know! I want to make them, too.

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