For the Love of Fortune Cookies

I could start a religion based on fortune cookie wisdom alone. But for now, I'll just praise the Wonton Food company for shelling out t...

I could start a religion based on fortune cookie wisdom alone. But for now, I'll just praise the Wonton Food company for shelling out thousands and thousands of their cryptic confections each day. In case you were wondering, this corporation sells these individually-wrapped babies to Chinese restaurants under the name Golden Bowl.

On the Wonton Food site, you can even purchase a batch with a personalized message.

In addition, you can buy your very own box of 15 for $1.49 at your local supermarket (usually on the bottom shelf in the Asian or international foods aisle). My favorite are the chocolate ones. They taste just like hot cocoa. And guess what, you weight-watchers? You can have five of them for only 110 calories. Beat that!

Here's a little story for you about my fortune cookie fetish...

The last time my family got Chinese takeout and brought it to my house, they all left the table to go chat in the other room--and I was the only one in the dining room to clean up (ugh!). Next to the greasy egg roll crumbs and crispy bits of General Tso's Chicken floating in a pool of thick, amber-colored muck were cracked fortune cookies splayed in paper plates. I wanted to steal the paper messages everyone had left behind, but I thought it might be bad karma since they weren't mine. But since I didn't think there was any rule against snatching the abandoned cookie fragments, I surreptitiously slid each crunchy shard off the table and into my mouth. Nobody noticed, nobody cared. Mission accomplished.

Not only do I look forward to munching on the sweet wonton-like shell that envelops a secret slip of paper, but I could découpage a wall with all the fortunes I've saved throughout the years. I carry a few of the positive ones in my wallet, hide some in random places for a pleasant surprise later on, and hand some to people who are having a bad day. It's like giving Golden Tickets to all the poor little Charlies out there.

Here's a few extras:

To play a fun fortune cookie game, click here.

If you crave fortune cookies but can't get to a Chinese restaurant, make your own! Tyler Florence's recipe is my favorite. I made them on Christmas Eve, and inserted jingles about each member of my family. Each person took a cookie and had to guess the person for whom each message was written. A guaranteed crack-up fest!

Listed below are other sites where you can buy personalized fortune cookies:

The history of fortune cookies, according to the New York Times.
A well written, informative article by Jennifer Lee of the Dining and Wine section. Published January 16, 2008.

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