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(Photo courtesy of I've got to take a minute to thank the Proud Italian Cook for mentioning and providing a link...

(Photo courtesy of

I've got to take a minute to thank the Proud Italian Cook for mentioning and providing a link to the "pepper-and-egg" scene in Moonstruck (1987), the best romantic comedy ever produced. On a gray winter morning, a listless Rose Castorini (played by the brilliant Olympia Dukakis) cracks an egg and lets it slide into a slice of Italian bread with a hole in the center, then flips it with her spatula to reveal its golden brown backside. Finally, she tops it with roasted red peppers and transfers it to a plate. I could definitely envision miss Giada de Laurentiis closing her eyes and taking a big bite of this on Everyday Italian. I'd like to see her do an episode on the greatest film-inspired dishes.

I could go on and on about the breakfast and dinner scenes in Moonstruck (i.e. where Rose's father-in-law places his plate in his pups' kennel, only for Rose to say, "Old man, you give those dogs another piece of my food and I'm gonna kick ya till you're dead!"), but I'll let you observe (and laugh) for yourself. Watch the following video clip carefully. At dinnertime, when I was about eight, I would imitate the part where Rose's daughter Loretta (played by Cher) nearly slams the salt shaker on the table while arguing with her mother about where she and Johnny Cammareri will live after they get married. I never get tired of the scene.

Please know that I did discover this video clip via the Proud Italian Cook (it's only fair to give her the credit she deserves). Visit her blog to learn how to make what she calls "Moonstruck Eggs." She's got a gorgeous picture of the final product, too. You'll want to make it for breakfast tomorrow morning. Or maybe...just'll decide to make it right now.

Lights, Camera, Action:

So classic.

**A variation:
After you've had the fried peppers and eggs, try what Grandma calls (I'll write it phonetically) "goo-gut-zeals" (Italian slang for zucchini). All you do is sauté some sliced zucchini in 1 tbsp. olive oil and scramble a few eggs in the same pan. You can eat this as is or serve hot between two slices of Italian bread. This is a great, quick Friday night supper that is simple but memorable. Enjoy!

Yum's the Word,

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Proud Italian Cook said...

Hi Holly, Thank you for posting this, and mentioning me, you made my day and I really appreciate it.
I never get tired of watching Moonstruck, the cast of characters are hilarious and they picked the perfect actors for that film. We call zucchini " ga goots" lol!
Did you ever watch "Big Night" I also did a timpano, which was featured in the movie. It's in my Dec07 post. Nice blog and nice "meeting you"

darcyd said...

Hey Holly:
I went to the PROUD ITALIAN COOK blog site and was cruising through and stopped when I saw the crepe with nutella and strawberrys.
mmmmmmmmmm did it look good. I am also a artichoke fan and that was another stopper.

I will check her out again.