The Steaks are High

(Photo courtesy of Watch out, George Foreman . You’re going to get grilled. No—you’re about to become toast. Wait…no…both… ...

(Photo courtesy of

Watch out, George Foreman. You’re going to get grilled. No—you’re about to become toast. Wait…no…both…


The Ariete appliance company is competing with Foreman’s ever-popular “knock out the fat” portable grill with its new 2000 watt indoor Steakhouse Grill (nicknamed “the Steak Toaster”), a gizmo that apparently allows you to cook a steak in minutes without having to choke on charcoal dust.

Ariete's Grill seems to have a solution to other steak-eating setbacks, from “I want it well-done but it will take too long to cook” to “steak is unhealthy, period.”

According to, the Steakhouse Grill, which allows all the fat to drip into an attached tray,“is kept in a vertical position while cooking by the special internal grill equipped with springs that adapt to foods having different thicknesses, from 3 cm down to half a centimetre. The two vertical plates also guarantee cooking is completed in half the time because the foods cook on both sides at the same time, and without having to turn them over.”

Hence "Steak Toaster."

Put it next to your toast toaster, panini maker and Ronco Showtime Rotisserie. You’ll practically have the entire Sears appliance department in your kitchen.

Give me a break.

With its smooth, symmetrical stainless steel features, the Steakhouse Grill looks like a clunky, unidentified object you might see floating through space on a “Jetsons” rerun. I know we’re already eight years into the millennium, but come on, people.

And while the Grill indeed offers a healthier way to eat steak by cutting the fat, will it turn your succulent sirloin into shoe leather? If you have $220 to spare, by all means, go right ahead and find out for yourself.

Thank God I don't eat red meat.


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