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Good Eating and Drinking Habits from Artist Jill Seale

Photo credit: Jill Seale
There are times when we could all use some divine intervention in the kitchen. Thanks to Jill Seale, we can count our blessings.
A few years ago, Seale designed "Nun for the Road," a group of sassy sisters featured on dessert plates, coasters, napkins, cheese spreaders, hors d' oeuvre trays, notepads, magnets, aprons and tote bags. You can find them in houseware stores and on the internet.
This holy order includes sisters Mary Culinary, Mary Mesquite (with her spatula, in front of a smoking barbecue grill), and other rebellious ones (clenching their cocktails as if they were heaven-sent) such as Mary Martini, Mary Margarita, Mary Mai Tai, Mary Merlot, Mary Mimosa, Mary Manhattan and Mary Cosmopolitan.
There's even a Sister Mary Immaculate dish towel and soap dispenser!

Oh yeah, let's not forget the Sister Mary Menopause mug. What a great gift for the mom whose insults and hot flashes are neverending.
And now, Seale has a whole line of napkins…
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This Shoe is for You: The Real Meaning of the Glass Slipper

One afternoon while at the dollar store, after trudging past the knockoff Oreos, bins of expired mascara and leftover Christmas decorations, I somehow found the party aisle. There's something about paper hats, kazoos, confetti and festive drink napkins that turns me into a giddy five-year-old and makes my troubles melt like icing on a hot cake.

Then I turned around, and there it was: the huge display of wedding stuff: everything from bobble-head brides and grooms to polyester rose bouquets and plastic toasting goblets--a smorgasbord of cheap inanimate objects. Yuck.

And that was when, still in the wedding section, I discovered a pack of plastic glass slippers. I doubt they were intended for people like me to place them around my apartment, wishing that someday, like Cinderella, the right guy would slip the right shoe on my foot.

Ever feel like that? Ever get trapped in the fantasy of a fairy tale, wishing and hoping and dreaming?
Well, I did. And I decided to buy two…

Today's Wish Granted

I call it a wish granted because I believe that in order to manifest your desire, you simply have to envision that it has already been given to you. All you need to do now is say thanks!

So here's my gratitude for the day:
Thank you, Universe for allowing me to shine more brightly than my favorite pink patent-leather pumps...even in the midst of today's April shower! 
I wish this and all the best for you, my pals! ;)

Recovering Hearts: Where I Found God (and Leslie)

Souvenirs are overrated. And they sure don't last forever. Most of them end up smashed to smithereens in your suitcase by the time you get home. But the sweet, tender, endearing, inspiring people you meet in your travels can remain in your memory for the rest of your life. The advice from these people, who I like to call angels, can help keep you whole when you feel like you're falling apart.

I recently went on an eight-day trip to Provincetown, Massachusetts with my dear friend Ryan. If you didn't know, Provincetown is a very artsy community. It's also a primarily gay and lesbian community. As a (very) heterosexual female who drools over guys (guilty!), you'd think I'd feel so out of place. Not even for one second. I actually felt more creatively inspired and at peace in P-Town than I've felt anywhere else. Why?

Well, yes, because of the fabulous art galleries, beaches and bed & breakfasts. But more so because of one woman with a radiant …

Hold Me, Thrill Me, TEAse Me

While walking near Grand Central, I spotted this mannequin, clothed in Lipton tea bags. Astonishing, eh? All I 'gotta do is tell everyone in Midtown there's free tea and she'll be nude. Eek!

Well, that's the blogworthy photo of the day. Just thought you'd be interested.

Cups of Creativity: Creative Teacup Gift Idea by Alexis Siemons

listen to the sound of the teapot as it sings water leaps inside
(All photos and haiku courtesy of Alexis Siemons) I swore I’d boycott tea for at least a week after my cell phone slipped out of my hand and plunged into a cup of steeping Earl Grey. A few hours later, I discovered Alexis Siemons’ teacups.
These fun-yet-functional drinking vessels are hand-printed with haiku Siemons designed while drinking and thinking about tea. A Philadelphia native passionate for prose, her imagination has been brewing since childhood. She says, “I would always sit at the end of the dock, writing and thinking I would someday become a poet.” For years Siemons has been crafting haiku, jotting details in her journals, saving folded fortunes from Chinese restaurants and arduously studying the cadences of the English language. In college, Siemons designed her own major—communications and culture. After loads of courses in creative writing, the history of the English language and graphic design, she became an acti…

Ways to Relieve Everyday Stress with Dr. Diana Christoff Quinn

Bearing the same surname as the Medicine Woman played by Jane Seymour in the 90s, licensed naturopathic physician Dr. Diana Christoff Quinn is here to help us tame everyday stress. 

The current president of the Michigan Association of Naturopathic Physicians and member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Dr. Quinn has her own practice in Ann Arbor, MI, called Naturopathic Women's HealthCare. 
Dr Quinn says:
We all have stress in our lives, and often there is little we can do to decrease the stress load we face on a daily basis. Yet it is imperative to create space and time to decompress from the stress that builds up in the body and mind, as holding on to these tensions can quite literally make us sick. Below is a simple relaxation exercise to help let go of the stress of the day. Also helpful are meditation, guided imagery or visualization exercises, and journaling to emotionally 'decongest.' Here are her tips for banishing daily anxiety. Try them befo…